The Hair Product That Went Viral During the Pandemic

As Covid-19 continues to sweep the nation, the government has taken steps to avoid further spread by implementing various safety protocols. One of the most important SOP during the early stages of the pandemic is home quarantine. Many movements were restricted including visits to hair salons and beauty parlours.

To assist clients with maintaining their locks through this tough period, the team at Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions(OHRS) has been working diligently to create a DIY hair kit that can be used at home but still deliver professional results. Thus the Hairgro Reactive Professional DIY Scalp Care Kit (Foundation) is born!

So what is the science behind this creation? The scalp care kit includes a highly concentrated hair and scalp essence treatment formulated with certified Fuji Mulberry Extract to improve hair health, prevent hair loss, and maintain long-term hair growth.

This extract is proven to stimulate hair growth and improve hair thinning in over 50% hair loss issues.

The kit is skillfully designed by scalp experts at OHRS with over 20 years of experience. It utilizes a patented liposome technology which refines hair cells, prevents damage to the hair’s inner structure and controls water content that penetrates the hair fiber. With their expert knowledge and experience, they have conceived the folligrowth system. It is a system that is developed to save your scalp through 4 effective stages, giving you a set of thicker, healthier and fuller hair.

The whole treatment lasts for 18 days and it is totally painless, non-invasive, with no down time and the best part is, it can be done at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home. The kit also includes a 3D Nano Oxyspray that operates up to one hour cordless, delivering a scalp treatment with the same performance of a regular hair salon atomizer.


The scalp kit is compliant with GMP and approved by SGS labs. There are four main benefits that you can get from this kit,

  1. Affordable price – not breaking the bank on scalp treatment and hair transplant
  2. Time-saving – treatment can be done without visiting the hair salon
  3. Effective product – formulated with the latest scalp care research and ingredients
  4. Proven results – sped up hair growth resulting in fuller hairline

Their satisfied customer Clarice used to experience hair loss and decided to try this treatment kit. Her hair loss issue improved significantly and she remarked that her hair is silky smooth as well. Another one of their happy customers Victoria – a work from home mom, finds this convenient treatment kit a life saviour as it is difficult for her to go to the salon for hair treatment while juggling back-to-back meetings and taking care of her family.

This hair kit is so amazing that the results just speak for itself. The scalp is visibly clean after just one use. It is so effective that tons of influencers shared about it on social media and the scalp kit instantly went viral!

As OHRS is confident in the efficacy of their latest invention, they are offering a 30 days’ money back guarantee when you purchase the scalp care kit. So hurry and grab yours here before it gets sold out again!