Aedge Asia Resources, The Skincare and Cosmetics Start-up Master

Today we are fortunate enough to have a chat with Aedge Asia Resources’ founder Roddy Gan. He is a specialist in cosmetic science with over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. Plus, he has a diploma in Sorisa Electro Aesthetic and Soft Laser Therapy. Fun fact, Roddy was a former product director in Adonis group for a period of 14 years! Later, he cultivates products for named companies and well-established aesthetic corporations.

Roddy Gan – Founder of Aedge Asia Resources & COO of OLY Company

 As the founder of AAR, Roddy aims to be a prominent figure amongst many other cosmetics manufacturers. He achieves this by providing a start-to-finish service in a product development process. This includes creating a proprietary formulation for the clients, making sure the product passes QA/QC, providing licensing service and obtaining product regulatory approvals so that brand owners are able to sell the products with ease at the market of their own choosing.

Specialist in Cosmetic Science

A subsidiary of the OLY Group, AAR is a one-stop cosmetic manufacturer. Their main focus is to perform product research and development(R&D) for the salon chains under the Oly Group, namely Organic Hair Regrowth Solution(OHRS) and Organic Express Hair Colour Lab.  AAR developed Nature’s and Naturalite, the two main lines of products that are exclusively used by the salons. After completing the R&D process, the products will be distributed by Avinz, another subsidiary under the OLY group. This structure ensures the supply chain for OLY Group hair salon will always be consistent and in the highest quality.

And how do they go about creating a premier line for their clients? Unlike other manufacturers, AAR starts by sourcing good quality ingredients and packaging materials from reliable international manufacturers. The ingredients are then formulated, filled and packed in their GMP Assembly factory under the client’s product name. They also go the extra mile by assisting their clients to customize the product’s USP with quality write-out, labeling, registration products notification, and licenses to ease export and import to all countries. Therefore, the client only needs to concentrate on promoting their brand and not worry about production.

One of AAR’s inventions that they are most proud of is the skincare line Skinoto. Skinoto is a curative water treatment formulated to battle aging, dry and dull skin.

This line of skincare is formulated with these active ingredients,

  • Deep sea water extracted more than 300 metres below the surface from the pristine seabed of Noto, Ishikawa. It is a natural healing agent, rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium
  • Hydrolysed pearl essence that is anti-aging, conditions and hydrates the skin
  • Sea kelps which are anti-inflammatory, moisturising and whiten the skin by fading pigment deposits caused by UV rays
  • Swiss apple stem cells that combat aging and rejuvenate the skin by prolonging the longevity of skin stem cells

Skinoto is researched, developed and manufactured in Japan, compliant with GMP standards and certified by HSA. The entire line of products contains no harsh chemicals, is SLS and paraben free and also not tested on animals.

Research & Development (Japan) Manufacturing facilities

Currently, the exclusive Skinoto skin care services are only available at the Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions (OHRS) salon in PLQ Mall. And with the positive feedback they have been receiving we cannot wait to see what AAR will come up with next!