Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

-John Maxwell-

Teamwork. One of the most crucial elements in building a successful business.

It promotes a sense of harmony and brings a group of people with common interests and responsibilities together. As this sense of unity is fostered, it encourages people to assist one another to complete tasks at hand, enabling the group to overcome hurdles that could only be resolved as a team.

When individuals of different backgrounds come together, there will never be a shortage of business ideas which is vital in the current competitive business setting. A proper management of responsibilities in the team is also key to ensure smooth operations. This can be done by assigning tasks specific to each team member’s skills and forte.

The Organic Hair Regrowth Solution(OHRS) comprises 31 individuals in the headquarters and 117 staff in operations. To nurture better synergy between the members of their team, Amy, the co-founder of OHRS has put in a plan to organize a team building activity that will occur once every two months. She is also encouraging a work hard play hard spirit! 

HQ Staff Team Building 2022 at Windsor

The recent event has already taken place in June 2022 and is participated by the staff in the headquarters! The event has been a success and it is a great bonding for the team after covid-19. 

And what did they think about the first team building event?

 ‘I am happy about the team building as I get the chance to meet colleagues that I don’t usually meet. The team building is very relaxing overall’

Laurence Wong (Chief Training Golden Scissors Award)-

‘I am 60 years old this year and I like the team building activity. It is well organized. The games are fun and exciting. It focused a lot on teamwork. Although I was tired the next day, we had the chance to meet colleagues from other branches. It is a good bonding time. I don’t usually exercise, and because of my age, I feel more tired compared to the others but I enjoyed it. The event taught us the importance of teamwork and I can easily see who is a good leader from the games. I love to see how people react and from this I am able to understand their personalities better’

Cherli Foo (Trainer)- 

I would say the most memorable moment is when all of our colleagues are enjoying the team building session and sharing our achievements together. This team building helped us to get to know each other better.

Sophia (Consultant)-

After attending this event I felt very tired plus my body was aching as I’m not a sporty person. But it brought a lot of sweet memories and I really enjoyed it. I sincerely felt that this team building event was an enjoyable experience. It gives me the opportunity to meet other colleagues in person and we can collaborate better in future. This event really helped us on being more cooperative with each other and I really liked it. All who attended were very sporting and enjoyed themselves during the whole event. This event will benefit the growth of the company in the near future and us as a team. I appreciate the company for organising this event for us and looking forward to more to come.

Serene Choo (Customer Service Officer)-